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Six high-tech ancient weapons has posted a list showcasing six ancient weapons that were ahead of their times.

#6 The Zhuge Nu Semi-Automatic Crossbow

In short, it was a semi-automatic weapon… from 2,400 years ago.

In fourth century B.C., the Chinese developed a new kind of crossbow that revolutionized the way siege warfare was fought:

That’s a feeder on top and the lever near the end is the repeating action. The repeating crossbow was the first semi-automatic weapon ever invented. Trained soldiers could let fly 10 bolts in 15 seconds before the magazine needed to be reloaded. Due to the nature of the action, it needed to be shot from the hip in order to fire that quickly. Oh, and the bolts were often dipped in a fast acting poison so that just a scratch could be fatal. Fighting in small teams reduced the risk of friendly fire.
Siege warfare was all the rage when this baby hit the scene. It proved to be an essential defensive weapon as one could keep backing away from the enemy while shooting wildly into the advancing horde.

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4 thoughts on “Six high-tech ancient weapons

  1. Entry 3 in this article is a bit flawed.
    Author attributes Syracuse and Archimedese to 3rd century AD and to Carthage.
    Other than that is solid work

  2. I saw a demonstration with this weapon on either the History Channel or NGC. They were comparing ancient weapons and their accuracy. Cool weapon. The original repeating projectile launcher.

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