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Who owns Michelangelo’s David?

A storm is brewing as the City of Florence and the Italian government fight over who owns Michelangelo’s David, one of the world’s most famous statues.

The ministry’s lawyers recently concluded that according to documents they found in archives, David belongs to Italy, not the city of Florence.

The government bases that assumption on the fact that Italy paid for David to be moved from its original spot, in central Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, to L’Accademia, according to Renzi’s press officer.

Eugenio Giani, president of the Florence City Council, said in a statement Monday that “the opinion of the Roman lawyers is very dangerous,” noting all of the city’s “heritage” that fills state museums.

He points out that Florence’s city hall commissioned and paid for the statue’s creation in the 16th Century. It stood at the Palazzo Vecchio for nearly four centuries, until 1873, when it was moved to L’Accademia in order to better preserve it.

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