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7,000-year-old oar found in South Korea

A 7,000-year-old oar, found preserved in mud, has been found in Southeast of Seoul in South Korea.

The oar, which was found intact in its entirety, is 1.81 metres (nearly six feet) long.

“The oar was well preserved because fine mud layers completely blocked oxygen from decaying it,” Yoon said.

It was uncovered on August 11 at a site where experts in 2004 unearthed the fragments of what is believed to be two up to 8,000-year-old canoe-like boats, which are believed to have been 13.1 feet long in their original state.

The oar and boats were made from pine trees, Yoon said.

The technique that made them indicate there might have been a certain form of neolithic period trade using boats between Japan and the Korean peninsula.

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