Nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing

Published on August 19th, 2010 | by Admin


Mental_Floss has posted an interesting list detailing nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing.

3. Genghis Khan.

Speaking of tyrants, here’s another one who has gone missing. Unlike Vlad, though, Genghis has disappeared at his own request. He asked to be buried in an unmarked grave and his wishes were granted. Legend has it that slaves buried the body somewhere in Mongolia – possibly Khentii Aimag, Khan’s birthplace. After the body was buried, the slaves were killed. And then the soldiers who killed the slaves were killed. Another tale has an entire river being diverted to cover the spot to make Khan virtually impossible to find. Whatever trick was employed to hide the body was obviously quite effective – nearly 800 years later, we still don’t know where he is.

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