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Roman inscriptions found at Pompeiopolis

Inscriptions referring to religious festivals attended by Roman emperors have been found at Pompeiopolis in northern Turkey.

New inscriptions have been unearthed during excavations at the ancient city of Pompeiopolis, in Ta?köprü in the northern province of Kastamonu. Professor Christian Marek, who has been examining the inscriptions, said they were probably referred to festivals from the Roman era.

Marek said that according to the inscriptions, Roman emperors participated in these festivals, most of which were religious. Marek said several competitions, shows and plays were held as part of these festivals, which are thought to have been started by Roman Emperor Alexander Severus. “There were… competitions and music shows, as well as tragedy and comedy shows in the festivals. These festivals were organized every three to five years and hosted significant people of the period,” he added.

Professor Latife Summerer, a lecturer from Munich University who has been leading the excavations for five years, said that information on the inscriptions was important and more would be uncovered in excavations still to be held in the ancient city.

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