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Ice Age flint tools found during road works

Flint tools dating back to the Ice Age have been found during road repairs in Nottinghamshite, England.

The Highways Agency said the finds included ancient flint tools and flint knapping debris dating back to about 11,000 BC – around the end of the last Ice Age when Stone Age hunter-gathers returned as the climate began to warm up.

A46 Highways Agency project manager Geoff Bethel said: ”As the A46 follows the route of the old Roman road, we expected to uncover a number of artefacts from Roman Britain and we were not disappointed.

”But to uncover such rare flint tools dating back to the end of the Ice Age was very exciting.”
Evidence of such early people had been found in caves, but the pieces of flint found at Farndon appeared to show these people were making things out in the open, possibly in a temporary campsite, the Highways Agency said.

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