Mozart’s piano found in Germany

Published on August 27th, 2010 | by Admin


A long-lost piano believed to have been played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been found in Germany.

Public broadcaster SWR said the instrument was built in 1775 and acquired in the 1980s by piano manufacturer Martin Becker in the southern German city of Baden-Baden from an antiques dealer in Strasbourg, eastern France.

When Mr Becker decided to auction off the fortepiano, a music historian noticed the offer and “had a hunch that it could be the same long-lost instrument that Mozart played whenever he was in Strasbourg,” SWR said.

“I had the idea to offer it on (online auction site) eBay and maybe get between 30,000 and 40,000 euros for it,” Mr Becker told the radio station.

A historic oil painting in Vienna shows the composer Joseph Haydn, a Mozart contemporary, playing what may be the same instrument.

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5 Responses to Mozart’s piano found in Germany

  1. Robert Banes says:

    To view a little-known picture of a young Mozart in connection with the musician John Ella (1802-1888), go to:


    Good viewing,

  2. Robert Banes says:

    The previous posting was in connection with the author, artist and historian Raymond E.O.Ella.


  3. Robert E.Banes says:


  4. Joan Brumell says:

    I have viewed some pictures of musicians and singers including the rare one of Mozart and Mr.Raymond E.O.Ella’s conclusion about the actual artist:

    Best wishes,

  5. Sandra Westfield says:

    Good and precise article on the musician John Ella (1802-1888) and great pics via “Flickr” and “The Hector Berlioz Website”.

    The article on Wikipedia gets John’s birthplace wrong. It was not Thirsk but Leicester correctly pointed-out by Raymond E.O.Ella.
    All Wikipedia do (not from any own research) is quote from old and outdated publications and make money from it and some books they use are now out of copyright,!.The problem that researchers have then is a possibility of repeating any mistakes by them from past authors. Check for other more recent works.

    Sandra Westfield, in the USA.

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