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The world’s horniest dinosaur

Palaeontologists have discovered a bizarre-looking dinosaur with a crown of horns.

Kosmoceratops richardsoni was a cousin of the famous Triceratops, but instead of just three horns it had 15.

Horns sprouted from its nose, above each eye, and out of its cheeks. In addition, the creature had a bony frill adorned with an extraordinary array of 10 horns.

Dr Scott Sampson, from the Utah Museum of Natural History in the US, said: ”Kosmoceratops is one of the most amazing animals known, with a huge skull decorated with an assortment of bony bells and whistles.”

He thought it likely that horned dinosaurs such as Kosmoceratops used their impressive armaments to find mates rather than take on predators such as Tyrannosaurus rex.

”Most of these bizarre features would have made lousy weapons to fend off predators,” he said. ”It’s far more likely that they were used to intimidate or do battle with rivals of the same sex, as well as to attract individuals of the opposite sex.”

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