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Bulgar burial mound found in Bulgaria

A burial mound belonging to the ancient Bulgars has been unearthed in Bulgaria.

The site, unique in South Eastern Europe, was found near the north coast of the Black Sea, where the Bulgars first settled after arriving from the east. Thus, the scientists have ascribed the origin of the site to the ancient Bulgars, “about whom very little is known” the report said.

The Huns also had similar burial mounds but they were of significantly smaller proportions than those used by the ancient Bulgars, the report said, and if the findings confirm what the archaeologists believe, it is likely that they will eventually discover the remnants of “old Bulgar aristocracy” once excavation is complete.

It is believed that the site dates back to the pre-Christian Pliska period of Bulgaria. The mound itself was detected about 15 metres from the royal complex in layer of earth about 70cm below the medieval town of Pliska.

After its establishment under Khan Asparuh in 681, Bulgaria retained the traditional Bulgar religion of Tengriism and the pagan beliefs of the local Slavic population.

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