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Child’s ceramic practice pot found in Ontario

A ceramic pot, most likely the result of a young child being taught how to make pottery, has been found near a bridge in Ontario, Canada.

“This is a very significant archaeological site made up of a series of cultural layers representing several different historic and pre-historic periods. Based on previous studies, the artifacts range in age from the Archaic period, circa 8000-1000 B.C., through to the historic period circa 1700+ A.D.”

Contrary to local rumours, no burials have been encountered at the site, according to Fleck, and “there are no records which indicate this may be a burial ground.”

However, the team did discover the ceramic pot, and after excavating a number of salvage pits down to about one-metre deep, found an arrangement of stones in one of the pits, which “suggests a foundation was present for either a building of some sort or a former bridge abutment.”

The salvage work has been delayed somewhat by periodic flooding this summer, she said, “so it is expected that the excavation will continue again next spring, and probably be completed by mid-summer.”

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