Dinosaurs may have been bigger than we thought

Published on October 1st, 2010 | by Admin


New research has shown that some dinosaurs may have been up to 10% taller than originally thought.

There’s no shortage of fossilized bones. But there are enough missing pieces — the cartilage and joints that connected all of those bones, for example — to leave scientists sort of guessing at some of the finer points of dinosaur construction.

But as a result of research led by a University of Missouri medical school professor, those blanks are starting to fill. And, it turns out, some dinosaurs may have been up to 10 per cent taller, and more athletic, than we thought.

“We don’t have these guys running around today, so it’s hard to put a measuring tape them,” professor Casey Holliday said, while noting the height issue is relatively insignificant to scientists.

The study, which appears this week in the journal PLoS-ONE, is probably more useful for its insight into the way dinosaur bones connected to one another.

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