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Hitler watercolours sell at auction

A collection of 16 watercolours painted by Adolf Hitler have been found for $164,800 at an auction in England.

‘There is a great interest in World War II in these countries and a lot of people with a lot of money to invest,’ he said. ‘They look at these items as an investment.’

The watercolours, painted by Hitler around 1908 when he was ‘a struggling artist’ in Austria had been expected to fetch 150,000 pounds.

The highest single price paid for a painting was 10,000 pounds for Ortschaft am Main (Village on the Main), a hillside scene with a rustic building, signed by Hitler.

A watercolour of a landscape with a large basilica, and factory chimneys in the distance, sold for 8,200 pounds, the average price paid by bidders for each of the items.

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