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Famous photo of Hitler at 1914 rally a fake

The famous photograph showing a young Adolf Hitler at a rally in 1914 was probably faked.

Düsseldorf historian Gerd Krumeich has studied the picture and its history and concluded that Hitler was superimposed to lend credibility to the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot and a man of the people, daily Die Welt reported Thursday.

The photo was taken by Munich photographer Heinrich Hoffmann at a rally in support of war against the allies in Munich’s Odeonplatz on August 2, 1914.

But it was not until March 12, 1932 that it was published in the Nazi party newspaper the Illustrierte Beobachter, or “Illustrated Observer,” the day before the presidential election, after Hitler’s opponents had attacked Hitler over his flight from military service in Austria-Hungary and questioned his patriotism.

The caption on the picture read: “Adolf Hitler, the German patriot … in the middle of the crowd stands with blazing eyes – Adolf Hitler.”

The photo went on to become a favourite Nazi propaganda picture, appearing with captions such as “Adolf Hitler: a man of the people.”

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2 thoughts on “Famous photo of Hitler at 1914 rally a fake

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Apparently this shows shows footage from the time with Hitler pointed out:
    But here is no evidence that that footage is actually from 1914. Some claim to see a 1963 corvette driving in the background! Nor does the man purported to be Hitler convincing.
    Slightly better film footage can be viewed in this youtube clip from the documentary “The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler”.
    Look for the scene at 4:36 of the clip.
    I’ll have to revise my own website devoted to remaining Nazi sites here in Germany…

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