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Byzantine olive and grape presses found in Syria

Two Byzantine presses, one for olives and the other for grapes, have been found in northern Syria.

Head of the Archaeology Department Nicolas Kabbad said one of the two presses is dedicated for olive pressing and the second for pressing grapes, adding that both presses are made up of rock basins engraved on rock designed for pressing and refinement, gathering the juice in a circular basin 1.5 m in diameter, with a hole for olive and grapes juice to pass.

He added the recent discovery is to be added to a series of archaeological discoveries at the site. The mission has already unearthed 17 olive presses since the outset of its work twenty years ago, adding that efforts are underway to unearth more presses which are an indication of the region’s richness in cultivating olives, grapes and many fruitful trees.

The Syrian-German-Italian mission wrapped up excavations on Monday at Tal Qatana in Mesherfe in Homs which started late June.

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