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500-year-old aboriginal village discovered in Ontario

An aboriginal village dating back 500 years has been found on Strasburg Creek in Ontario, Canada.

A few hundred people lived in long houses, made pottery and grew corn in a medium-sized village on the banks of Strasburg Creek that was thriving 100 years before Samuel de Champlain set foot in Ontario.

“It is probably the most interesting site I have encountered in 24 years of doing this work,” archeologist Paul Racher said.

Racher found the remains of at least 10 long houses, including one 90 metres long, ancient piles of garbage, pieces of pottery, pipes, spear tips and arrowheads. A short distance away from the main village, archeologists found summer houses where corn was grown.

“It is a village site, which is kind of a rarity in archeological circles,” Racher said.

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