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Mummified goat found in cave

A mummified goat, 1000-1500 years older than Egyptian mummies, has been found in Areni cave in Armenia.

An expedition excavating Areni cave discovered a mummified goat – head, part of body, perhaps, also brain, head of the Armenian party in the expedition, Boris Gasparyan told reporters.

He supposes the mummified goat is 1000-1500 years older than Egyptian mummies.

According to Pavel Avetisyan, Director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Egyptian mummifications are man-made while Areni cave mummifications are triggered by environment.

The expert said the mummified goat gives a possibility to study the process of domestication of animals. If scientists prove that the goat dates from late 5th millennium or early 4th millennium BC, they will have a good basis to study wild goat species.

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  1. I wonder what can be learned by the study of this goat. Whoever the owner was I guess it can be said that we got his goat!! (sorry for the bad joke)


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