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DVD Giveaway – Instant Expert: The Mayflower

Congratulations to William Hayes and Mickey Houchen for winning last week’s DVD giveaway of America: The Story of Us!

This week’s DVD giveaway is a copy of Instant Expert: The Mayflower, courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment:

The epic saga of the pilgrims and their journey to and colonization of the New World is one of the fundamental narratives of our nation. Yet the true tale of this determined band of English Separatists bears little resemblance to the popular myth portrayed in grade school pageants. HISTORY takes a definitive look at the incredible pilgrimage that brought these unlikely pioneers who endured religious persecution in their homeland and endless perils on the Atlantic to the alien shores of a new continent in The Mayflower. From their treacherous ocean passage to their struggle to survive through winter, HISTORY explores the true story of the pilgrims, including their relationship with the Native Americans, their historic first Thanksgiving and how the colony’s saga continued in the decades after their fateful voyage.

Want to get your hands on a copy of this DVD? You have two ways of doing so:

  1. Join the A Blog About History group, and next Friday I will pick a random winner to receive the prize! If you’re already a fan, then you’re already eligible to win!
  2. Head over to and purchase a copy.

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