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Another collapse at Pompeii: Garden wall falls

A garden wall in Pompeii has collapsed after days of heavy rain. This comes just a few weeks after the House of Gladiators fell. Pompeii officials said an inspection found that a 40-foot (12-meter)-long section of wall forming part of the perimeter of a garden area near the House of

400-year-old personalized smoking pipes found at Jamestown

Fragments of 400-year-old smoking pipes, bearing what may be the earliest printing in English America, have been found in Jamestown, Virginia. Stamped with the names of Sir Walter Raleigh and other eminent men back in England, the pipes may have been intended to impress investors—underscoring Jamestown's fundamentally commercial nature. "Finding

Pablo Picasso’s electrician reveals treasure trove of unknown works

Pablo Picasso's former electrician has come forward with the astounding news that he owns 271 previously unknown artworks from the artist. The treasure trove of 271 pieces includes lithographs, cubist paintings, notebooks and a watercolour and is said to be worth about 60m euros (£50.6m).Pierre Le Guennec, 71, reportedly says

Was Christopher Columbus Polish?

New research into Christopher Columbus' background is suggesting that he may be of Polish origins. The fresh evidence about Columbus’ background is revealed in a new book by Manuel Rosa, an academic at Duke University in the United States. He says the voyager was not from a family of humble

Ancient town discovered in Myanmar

Parts of a religious building and a wall that encircled a town dating back to 100 B.C. have been found in Myanmar. The town remnants were found after an excavation in two sites in Wadee in central Myanmar during July-August this year, Xinhua reported citing the official daily New Light