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DVD Giveaway – Instant Expert: Egypt

Congratulations to Brian Underwood for winning last week’s DVD giveaway of Instant Expert: The Mayflower!

This week’s DVD giveaway is a copy of Instant Expert: Egypt, courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment:

Long before the Romans built their first mud huts, ancient Egypt’s mighty pharaohs began commissioning and building monumental masterpieces whose scale, beauty, and sophistication still boggle the mind. Through cutting-edge digital graphics and interviews with noted Egyptologists, EGYPT explores the civilization’s awe-inspiring engineering accomplishments, chronicling the pharaohs and feats that helped build the world s fist superpower. As Egypt’s pharaohs conquered and ceded vast expanses of land, they pushed their royal architects to stretch the boundaries of imagination and human potential. HISTORY follows their empire’s development, from the First Dynasty of 3000 BC through the last days of the reign of Ramses the Great in 1212 BC, from dazzling obelisks to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Hosted by actor and art historian Peter Weller.

There are two ways of getting your hands on a copy of this DVD:

  1. Join the A Blog About History Facebook group, and next Friday I will pick a random winner to receive the prize! If you’re already a fan, then you’re already eligible to win!
  2. Head over to and purchase a copy.

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