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Gold Rush-era shipwreck found in Yukon

The wreck of the A.J. Goddard, which sank in 1901, has been found in a lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada.

Like an early 20th-century snapshot, “everything is just like it was when it went down in that late October storm in 1901,” said project leader John Pollack, a nautical archaeologist and National Geographic Society Waitts grantee.

The five crewmen’s boots, kicked off in haste as they abandoned ship, were found on the deck. Fresh firewood was still in the boiler, and cooking pots and other utensils were scattered about. Axes lay on deck where the men, in a last-ditch effort, had tried to cut away the boat they’d been towing.

But once water started sloshing over the iron steamship’s deck, “this thing went down like a submarine,” Pollack said. Three of the men drowned.

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