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Extinct Tasmanian tiger pelt bought at garage sale

What may be the skin of an extinct Thylacine was purchased at a garage sale in San Diego for $5.

“It pays to go to garage sales sometimes,” Fallbrook resident Bill Warren said.

He should know. Warren might turn a $5 buy into $70,000 after finding what appears to be the pelt of an extinct Tasmanian tiger at a garage sale.

Warren found the unusual looking animal skin in Rainbow in June. The owner had bought the skin some 30 years ago at another garage sale in Boston.

“I didn’t know what it was, and neither did she,” Warren said. But he had a hunch it was something interesting.

They settled on $5 and a handwritten receipt of sale.

It was only after a couple weeks of Internet sleuthing that Warren began to get an idea of just how interesting the pelt might be.

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