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DVD Giveaway – Instant Expert: The Story of Oil

Congratulations to Erin Herndobler for winning last week’s DVD giveaway of Instant Expert: Egypt!

This week’s DVD giveaway is a copy of Instant Expert: The Story of Oil, courtesy of A&E Home Entertainment:

An energy source unrivaled in efficiency and power, oil is the driving force behind today’s industries and economies. It touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from our food and our clothing to our cars, yet most of us know very little about it. HISTORY traces the story of oil through the centuries, from its birth deep in the dinosaur-inhabited past to its ascendancy as an indispensable ingredient of modern life. Yet many experts predict that we have already passed peak production of this vital natural resource, with the latest scientific evidence suggesting that our headlong rush to exploit the remaining reserves may have profound and perilous impacts on our future.

There are two ways of getting your hands on a copy of this DVD:

  1. Join the A Blog About History Facebook group, and next Friday I will pick a random winner to receive the prize! If you’re already a fan, then you’re already eligible to win!
  2. Head over to and purchase a copy.

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