CAT scan reveals 200-year-old gun found in shipwreck concretion

Published on November 15th, 2010 | by Admin

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A CAT scan performed on a concretion recovered from a shipwreck off of St. Augustine, Florida, has revealed a flintlock pistol inside.

lagler Hospital Imaging Center’s CAT scanner found a well-preserved flintlock pistol with scrollwork on a wooden or ivory butt still visible after 200-plus years of submergence. Once restored, one more piece of the wreck’s puzzle could be revealed, Meide said.

“There is a decent chance we would have some maker’s mark on the gun to tell who the craftsman was,” Meide said. “That could really tie in the origins of the firearm and also give us insight into the origins of the ship.”

Intact metal weaponry from two centuries ago doesn’t often survive, said St. Augustine archaeologist Carl Halbirt.

“You just don’t find it on terrestrial sites, and if you do, you only find rusted metal, so finding something as intact as they have found is rare,” Hilbirt said.

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