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Americans reached Europe 500 years before Columbus reached the New World

A genetic study of an Icelandic family has revealed that Vikings may have brought Native Americans to Europe 500 years before Columbus “discovered” the New World.

Research indicates that a woman from the North American continent probably arrived in Iceland some time around 1000AD leaving behind genes that are reflected in about 80 Icelanders today.

Investigators discovered the genes could be traced to common ancestors in the south of Iceland, near the Vatnaj Kull glacier in around 1710 ruling out initial theories that they may have arrived via Asia.

“As the island was practically isolated from the 10th century onwards, the most probable hypothesis is that these genes correspond to an Amerindian woman who was taken from America by the Vikings some time around the year 1000,” Carles Lalueza-Fox, of the Pompeu Fabra university in Spain, said.

A Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, in the eastern Canadian region of Terranova, is thought to date to the 11th century.

Researchers said they would keep trying to determine when the Amerindian genes first arrived in Iceland and would seek to link them to burial remains in the Americas.

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3 thoughts on “Americans reached Europe 500 years before Columbus reached the New World

  1. I know what you mean in the title, but “Americans went to Europe before Europeans went to America” doesn’t really make sense, because the American that came to Europe was kidnapped by a European, so the Europeans went first to America…

  2. . But we know its because It seems as though you have a lot more clarifying to do because it seem funny how everyone trys to forget about the African presence all over the globe before there was a such thing as a european, who had left maps and journals all over with proof and accounts of their travels for thousands of years before these modern people(europeans). These weren’t feats that were so unattainable and so much a feat that required accalades like europeans have done for hundreds of years now! Africans have always been globetrotters and pacesetters since the beginning. And I didn’t know there were still people out here trying to cram that bullshit propaganda down the peoples throught and we all know that first of all none of u new commers has ever discovered anything! That goes for the “The NewWorld” the lightbuld etc. Its pretty sad that you all use stories like this to slowly pull back the curtain of truth because the day is comming the true history can no longer be surpressed and all of these mislead royal and speacial aboriginal and indiginious people will find out why they have had to indure these outlandish and immesurable attacks for so long and for reasons unbenounce to them. But we all now its because the welcomed in an evil invader with open arms who wasn’t who they appeared to be, a brother of the original aboriginal indiginious people when they came as our enemy ans smiles on their faces!

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