14th-century Burmese sites bulldozed to make way for railway

Published on November 19th, 2010 | by Admin


Authorities in Burma have bulldozed a path through the ancient city of Mrauk U to make way for a new railway.

A local archaeologist told Narinjara that the construction of the railroad through the city started on 7 November, and many ancient structures built by 14th century Arakanese cultures have already been damaged.

“Many priceless archaeological structures such as pagodas, sculptures, city walls, fortresses, garrisons, and moats have already been bulldozed for the railroad that is being designed to cross the main archaeological zone in the north and northeastern part of the city, and many more structures are still facing demolition,” said the archaeologist.

The structures that have already been destroyed include pagodas and sculptures on Thazintan Hills, Praysoe Gree Pagoda, Mungalar Wall, Khrunkite Wall, Ahmrunt Taung Fortress, Khrunkite Fortress, Rae Hla Fortress, Rae Hla Gate, Rae Hla Moat, and Kyein Rwa Moat, the source said.

Koethaung Temple, one of the largest and most famous structures in the northeast of the city, is also facing demolition as the railroad will cross near the temple, according to city residents.

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