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Were giant wicker baskets used to build Stongehenge?

Add another theory to the growing list of how Stonehenge was built: giant wicker baskets. Sounds a bit far-fetched to me, though!

Engineer Garry Lavin, who also happens to be a former BBC presenter, is making the case that giant wicker baskets were deployed by the locals to roll the boulders all that way.

“I always thought that dragging these huge stones was physically impossible because of the friction on the surface,” Lavin told the Daily Mail. “The key thing is the technology was always there around them….Woven structures were everywhere at the time, there are even wells which they have discovered were full with woven basketwork. It’s just taking that technology and using it in a new way. It is not without some foundation. It was staring us in the face the whole time.”

Over the summer, Lavin put his theory to the test and he said he successfully moved a one-ton stone in a wicker cage he constructed. Next one his list: Build a larger wicker cradle and try to transport a five-tone slab. He expects to be ready for that test just around summer solstice time next year.

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