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Multiple burial found in Chiapas pyramid mound

The remains of two men have been found in a tomb unearthed in the Chiapa de Corzo Archaeological Project.

Archaeologist Lowe, in charge of excavations at the hill of Mound 11, announced the second finding a few months ago, when the last field season at the Mixe-Zoque site concluded.

“We explored the west border of the tomb, which had a roof constructed with andirons and wood panels which gave away to the weight of soil, causing the skeletons to fragment in tiny pieces, from which skulls and some vertebrae were rescued. The personages, buried near 500 BC, might have been companions of a higher rank character.

“This is a very rich burial. At the explored part were found offerings that have symbolic relation with the underworld, containing 5 vessels, shells, snails, remains of animals, such as the skull of a crocodile; a brocade attire with dozens of canine fangs and the shell of a turtle attached; a jade beads necklace, and fragments of 2 bone masks”.

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