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Prehistoric human footprints found on English coast

Receding waters in Western England have revealed prehistoric human footprints that date back 5,000 years.

Archaeologists today dubbed the discovery ‘sensational’, claiming it is one of the most significant historic footprint finds the country has seen.

Over the last few weeks hobbyists have been scouring the sand dunes with a fine tooth comb and have struck lucky with their latest findings.

Marine scientists explained how the beaches are receding, which forces layers of sand and sediment to disperse, leaving land which has lay undisturbed for thousands of years.

They added that while the footprints often appear and disappear depending on the weather and season, the new discovery came as a shock to many people.

Mysterious footprints have been found in the area since the 1950s but the latest finds also shows that deer, six foot cattle and birds from the Bronze Age once roamed the area.

Government scientists looking to protect the footprints could create a marine conservation zone in the area to protect their heritage.

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