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Amelia Earhart’s finger bone found?

A tiny bone fragment found on the tropical island of Nikumaroro may belong to Amelia Earhart…or a turtle.

Discovered near turtle remains on the island’s remote southeast end, in an area called the Seven Site, where campsite and fire features were also found, the mysterious tiny finger bone is one of the most promising pieces.

Initially, Gillespie and his team did not pay much attention to the tiny fragment, assuming it belonged to the turtle.  It was only when archaeologist Tom King catalogued the turtle bones that questions began to arise.

“We discovered that the turtle remains consisted only of parts of the carapace and plastron (the shell and underbelly).  There were no limb bones.  If whoever brought the turtle to the Seven Site didn’t bring the legs, how did a phalanx get there?” said Gillespie.

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