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Roman city of Allianoi buried under sand

The Roman city of Allianoi in Turkey has been buried under sand in anticipation of it being flooded by the building of a new dam.

Though officials say covering the Roman-era spa settlement with sand is the only way to protect the ruins while they are submerged under the waters of the new dam, experts disagree with that assessment.

“The method is obsolete and it will destroy, rather than protect, the ancient site,” ?lker Ertu?rul, a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects, told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review on Monday.

The decision to bury Allianoi was made in August by a local natural and cultural assets preservation board in the Aegean province of ?zmir’s Bergama district; it is still pending the outcome of a court challenge by the Allianoi Initiative Group, or AGG.

“Not only is this approach wrong, but it has also been applied in an unlawful way,” Ertu?rul said, adding that officials should have waited for the court’s decision before covering the site with sand.

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3 thoughts on “Roman city of Allianoi buried under sand

  1. Courage and creativity never existed within the so called ranks of the Turkish government, especially within the 21st century. Only greed and the need to accomplish something fast, quick, cheap, without insight to the consequences of future generations. Flooding these incredible, historical Roman structures solely in order to build a damn is pathetic. That’s it? That’s the Turkish government’s answer for electricity, i.e., to build a damn through one of the most remarkable finds of ancient history?

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