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Brutalized remains of disgraced gladiator found in English garden

The remains of what may be a disgraced gladiator have been found in York, England.

The bones of a Roman man, who was stabbed to death and left to rot with the rubbish, have revealed gruesome details of what appears to be a gladiator combat, according to British researchers who have examined the skeletal remains.

Unearthed in January only 12 inches under the grass the Yorkshire Museum’s gardens, in York, England, the bones show that the man, most likely a disgraced gladiator, met a violent and bloody death.

“The physical evidence reveals he was a swordsman and that his body was literally dumped with the rubbish –- there was no hint that he had been buried in a ceremonial way,” said Andrew Morrison, head curator of the Yorkshire Museum, where the bones are going on display this week.

Analysis by experts from York Osteoarchaeology Ltd, revealed that the skeleton belonged to a powerfully-built male aged between 36 and 45, who stood around 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

“This was a huge man for the Roman period,” said Morrison.

The bones strongly point to a gladiator’s body as they feature all the hallmarks of repetitive sword training. Moreover, the injuries are much in tune with a gladiatorial combat.

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