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Wreckage of Confederate gunboat found in river

Underwater archaeologists have found the wreckage of the Confederate gunboat Peedee, which sank in 1865.

In 2009, state underwater archaeologist Chris Amer confirmed the discovery of two of three cannon that were placed on the Peedee at Mars Bluff Navy Yard.

On Tuesday, Amer announced that the University of South Carolina team had located the mostly salvaged wreckage of the Peedee, which lies a few feet below the river bottom and a field of timbers.

“They are kind of like pick-up sticks,” Amer said of the timbers, which may be remnants of logging operations.

Working with a $200,000 grant, the team plans to raise the two cannon — one a smoothbore Dahlgren, the other a Brooke rifled gun — in the spring or summer of 2011 and continue looking for the other Brooke piece and remains of the Mars Bluff Navy Yard, which Amer thinks are upstream of the wreckage. The artillery pieces were dumped about one mile from the site of the wreckage.

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