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Pliosaur skull undergoes CT scanning

The 150-million-year-old skull of a pliosaur has been scanned by one of the UK’s most powerful CT scanners.

The team has begun scanning the prepared fossil one piece at a time to reveal as complete a pliosaur picture possible, including information about the internal bone structure and the positioning of hidden teeth.

Palaeontologist Richard Forrest said: “This creature had an enormously powerful bite, it could have bitten a car in half.

“We hope that these CT scans will show the internal structure of the jaws, and how they are built to withstand such incredible forces.

“By understanding this, we can learn more about its behaviour – how it hunted and attacked other creatures.”

The scans will also help to confirm whether this species is new to science.

Mr Forrest said: “From the outside, it looks similar to other pliosaurs found in the UK, although much much bigger.

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