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Excavation planned for Sherwood Forest’s ‘Thing’

The open-air Viking meeting place known as a ‘Thing’, which was found in Sherwood Forest five years ago, is set to be excavated next month.

The site was found by three local historians after a treasure hunt.

It started after husband and wife team Lynda Mallett and Stuart Reddish, along with their friend John Wood, came into possession of a 200 year old document.

It described a walk around part of Sherwood Forest which marked an ancient boundary.

They searched for the boundary on the landscape and found a place called Hanger Hill on which stood three stones.

The historians, from Rainworth, researched further and found that the same place was called Thynghowe on a 1609 map.

This was significant.

“A ‘thyng’ is the name of a Viking assembly site while a ‘howe’ is possibly a Bronze Age burial ground,” said Lynda.

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