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Roman Legionary quarters found in Ukraine

Roman legionary quarters have been found on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea.

“The discovery suggests that there must have been a Roman fort here. We aren’t sure yet how big it was and where the borders were but we hope to find an answer to these questions,” says Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski.

The archeologists established that in 1 A.D. a settlement on the Crimean peninsula, which was later to becomeBalaklava, was burnt. In 2 A.D. it was conquered by the Romans who built the fort including legionary quarters.

“The building that we discovered was several times remodeled: old walls were pulled down and new were erected, floors and roofs were repaired. In 3 A.D. the house was destroyed by fire and much later, probably between 15th and 16th  centuries a Tatar settlement replaced the Roman fort,” says the archeologist.

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