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17th century Japanese castle to be restored

Udo Yagura, a Japanese castle built in 1607 is set to undergo restoration in Kumamoto.

Udo Yagura has been standing since its completion in 1607.

While other palaces have burned down, the celebrated stone foundation remains.

It’s regarded as a state-of-art technology at its time, and was refined and improved with the construction of every palace.

The construction, regarded as an architectural wonder, was designed to keep out enemies.

The architect of the castle was the famous warrior Kato Kiyomasa who came to Kumamoto in 1588, which was then known as Higo.

When the castle was completed in 1607, it boasted 49 towers, with 18 turret gates.

Kumamoto was an important seat of power during the Tokugawa Shogunate.

And to mark 400 years founding of Kumamoto, the prefecture has launched a renovation project, to restore the castle to its glory.

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