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Civil War-era shipwreck emerges from beach

The bones of a ship wreck which may date back to the Civil-War era have emerged from the beach on Hilton Head Island, near South Carolina.

During their walk, Thomson discovered what appears to be the ribs of an old wooden boat protruding from thick mud, like bones in a partially uncovered grave, on a shell beach opposite the 18th tee at Harbour Town Golf Links.

An eight- to 10-foot portion is exposed, including the holes for the wooden pegs that held the boat together and what Peterson believes are ballast stones in the hull’s remains.

The rest of the boat is buried in mud. “It must have been preserved because of that,” Peterson speculated.

“It became obvious from looking at it that it was an old boat,” she added. “It looked like something that was being unearthed by the water. It was obviously something special.”

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