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Lost 2,000-year-old Peruvian skull turns up in Spain

A 2,000-year-old skull from Peru which came to Seville, Spain 80 years ago as part of an exhibition before going missing has been found again.

Eight decades after being brought to Spain, the skull, which apparently is that of a male around age 30, arrived at the University of Seville thanks to “a chain of lucky chances,” forensic medicine professor Leandro Picabea told Efe.

The report coming from the investigation of the skull will accompany it upon its return to the Peruvian government.

Peru’s deputy consul in Seville, Luis Pablo Salamanca, said that recovering the skull “is important” for his country because “it’s part of (our) culture and history.”

The skull was among the objects that remained in the southern Spanish city after the Expo ended in 1929.

Picabea said that the Peruvian consul at that time turned it over to a doctor who kept it until he died, whereupon his widow passed it to Fernando Fernandez, the former director of the Archaeological Museum of Seville, who then delivered it to Luis Hurtado, the coordinator of the project to recover the item.

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