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Did the Scots settle Iceland before the vikings?

New discoveries show that Iceland was inhabited nearly 70 years before the traditional dating of Viking settlement.

A second cave site at Seljaland, close to Kverkarhellir, contains possible evidence of early occupation.
It’s known as the Seljalandshellar cave group and contains 19 large and 4 mid-sized carvings on its walls – representing the Christian symbol of the cross. The team has been recording this art, and creating detailed illustrations of it.

Ahronson emphasized that it is difficult to firmly date these carvings; however, he notes that their style is similar to early medieval crosses seen in western Scotland.

“Typological analysis of many key characteristics of this material – leaves us to note fundamental parallels, specifically with the early medieval sculpture from the west highlands and islands,” he said. “In western Scotland, we would generally see most of this comparable material as predating the Viking Age,” in other words AD 800 or earlier.

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