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Heated Byzantine water tank found in Syria

A heated water tank has been found, dating back to Byzantine times, has been found in the ancient city of Apamea in Syria.

He clarified that excavation works included removing the surface layer in the western corridor which is made of lime and small stones in addition to different pieces of clay.

He pointed out that a water tank, feeding the canal to the east of the corridor, and a 160 cm brick building under the tank were uncovered, pointing out that the building was meant to heat the tank.

For his part, Head of the National Excavation in Apamea Nadim Khouri said that excavation works in the northern part uncovered a brick arch to the south of the water tank in addition to a 140cm terrace which leads to 8-step stairs.

He clarified that the mission also uncovered a reddish brown mosaic floor of room no. 5, adding that it does not display any pictures or decorations.

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