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Connection found between humans and gomphotheres

A gomphothere is an elephant like creature that lived in North America before becoming supposedly becoming extinct some 30,000 years ago. It was previously believed that humans and gomphotheres did not cross paths, but the discovery of 12,000-year-old Clovis heads are turning that theory on its head.

This finding completes a scene in which archaeologists visualized how Clovis groups hunted this elephant ancestor. “This is an unprecedented finding in Mexico since it is the first time that projectile heads are found associated to a bone bed of this kind of proboscides.

“There is no other Clovis archaeological site where gomphotheres have been found, not even in the United States, where most important Clovis Culture findings have been registered, and these vestiges are dated between 10,600 and 11,600 years” informed archaeologist Guadalupe Sanchez, director of the Fin del Mundo Research Project.

“The discovery took place in the same archaeological context where in 2008 gomphothere bones and different lithic tools were found on the surface, among them, a quartz crystal Clovis head”.

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Story: Art Daily | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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