Who would win in a running race: Humans or Neanderthals?

Published on February 7th, 2011 | by Admin


New research has revealed that early humans heels were better suited to endurance running while Neanderthal heels were better suited to long-distance walking.

The heel measurements were compared with those of 13 fossil Homo sapiens dated from 30-100,000 years ago and with six Neandertals from around the same period. The researchers’ calculations suggest that during running the Homo sapiens would have expended 6.9% more energy than modern distance runners, but Neandertals would have needed an average of about 11.4% more energy.

The results suggest that while Neandertals may not have fared well in long-distance marathons, their bone structures would have given them an advantage in walking and in activities requiring great strength.

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Story: Phyorg | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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