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Did the Romans reach Brazil?

The New York Times posted an article about a dispute between the Bazilian Navy and Robert Marx, a marine archaeologist, who is claiming that the government has tried to cover up underwater evidence that proves the Romans reached Brazil.

Mr. Marx, who has long sought to prove that other sailors reached the Americas well before Columbus, obtained permission to explore the site in late 1982. Diving at a depth of about 90 feet, he found the parts of perhaps 200 broken amphoras and several complete ones, he said in an earlier telephone interview.

According to Elizabeth Will, a professor of classics and specialist in ancient Roman amphoras at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the jars are very similar to the ones produced at Kouass, a Roman Empire colony that was a center for amphora-making on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

Reached by telephone, Professor Will said of the fragments she had studied: ”They look to be ancient and because of the profile, the thin-walled fabric and the shape of the rims I suggested they belong to the third century A.D.”

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Story: Marlise Simons, New York Times | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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