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Evidence shows Abraham Lincoln tried to deport slaves

Newly discovered documents found in British archives show that Abraham Lincoln wanted to send many slaves to toil in British colonies in the Caribbean.

Although earlier historians have conceded that he did propose sending some of the freed slaves to new colonies, they have dismissed it as a ruse designed to placate racist voters.

However, according to evidence from the British legation in Washington that has turned up at the National Archives in Kew, the president was deadly serious about black colonisation right up until his assassination in 1865.

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Story: Tom Leonard, Daily Mail | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Evidence shows Abraham Lincoln tried to deport slaves

  1. Interesting, I’d like to see the documents in full.

    One problem with this — Lincoln did speak about colonization, he anticipated genocide — as promised by some in the South — if slavery stopped. You probably don’t know the threats of genocide, do you?

    The speeches by Southern leaders were amazing — stopping the spread of slavery would exterminate the white race, for example. Lincoln would bring about race riots and blacks kill and be killed in race wars.

    Lincoln had to deal with history as it was, not as it was whitewashed.

    In his famous Peoria speech — like he did so many times — Lincoln SEEMED to be for some prejudice of the day, like colonization, then in the next sentence, or the next paragraph, or at the end of the speech, flip flop and show that was vile unfair and undoable.

    To understand Lincoln — including his references to colonization — it helps if you know what the heck was going on. I don’t think you are there yet.

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