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List of Jack the Ripper suspects

The Telegraph has compiled an interesting list detailing all the Jack the Ripper suspects.

Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, the Duke of Clarence
One of Queen Victoria’s numerous grandchildren, the Duke of Clarence, “was as heedless and as aimless as a gleaming gold-fish in a crystal bowl,” and reputedly suffered from syphilis which drove him to insane murders, and a subsequent imprisonment (by the knowing Royal Family) and death in asylum in 1892. However, chronological issues with evidence make this story flimsy at best.

Joseph Barnett
A fish porter at Billingsgate Market, by 1888, Joseph Barnett knew Mary Jane Kelly, one of the victims, quite well. The theory goes that deeply in love with her, he committed the first murders to keep her off the street – and turned on her when that failed. Interestingly, his physical appearance and psychological profile closely match those of witnesses and the FBI psychological profile.

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Story: The Telegraph | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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