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Restoring the Afghanistan’s bombed Buddhas

Wired UK has posted an interesting article about the amazing effort to reconstruct Afghanistan’s bombed 1,500-year-old Buddhas in Bamiyan.

Erwin Emmerling of Munich’s Technical University wants to use what is left of the statues — hundreds of broken sandstone fragments totalling around two tonnes — to rebuild the smaller of the two 1,500-year-old structures. He’s due to present his proposal to UNESCO and the Afghan government at a conference in Paris.

Various international institutions have pledged to help rebuild the once-sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site. He has suggested reconstructing the smaller, 38 metre-high, two metre-deep statue, because it is more manageable in scope than the 55-metre-high, 12-metre-deep larger one.

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Story: Liat Clark, Wired UK | Photo: UNESCO/A. Lezine

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