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Che Guevara’s motorcycle companion dies

Albert Granado, Che Guevara’s travel companion on his famous 1950s motorcycle trip, passed away yesterday aged 88.

The Argentine biochemist had lived on the communist-ruled island since 1961, and “as a faithful friend of Cuba, he contributed to the training of professionals in medicine and genetics.”

Mr Granado was a doctor and Guevara a medical student when they set out on their eight-month odyssey.

They left Buenos Aires in December 1951 and traveled through much of South America, where they witnessed poverty of local communities, lack of access to medical care, and disenfranchisement of native people.

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Story: The Telegraph | Photo: AP

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  1. che cheguvera 1950s motorcycle trip through inSouth America is insparable to every one every has to do some society usefull activitists


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