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Broken Pompeii inscription pieced together

Broken pieces of a marble inscription from Pompeii, containing the names of a man and his wife, have been reunited after 2,000 years apart.

Smashed to pieces by the eruption, the inscription, or what remained of it, was stored in the huge deposits of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Later reassembled by piecing together six fragments, it read: “L(ucius) Caltilius L(uci) l(ibertus) Coll(ina tribu) [P]amphilus […]ae uxori […]mo.”

While four pieces referred to “Lucius Caltilius Pamphilus, freedman of Lucius, member of the Collinian tribe,” two fragments contained the Latin word “uxori,” indicating a wife.

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Story: Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery | Photo: Peter Kruschwitz

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