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Painting of Civil War outpost found

A painting has been discovered that reveals for the first time what Fort Hoskins, a Civil War outpost in Oregon, looked like.

Last fall, following a long chain of improbable coincidences, he obtained a copy of an oil painting from about 1860 that shows the fort in its heyday. For Brauner, it was at once a validation of his painstaking research and a revelation of unexpected details.

“We hoped sooner or later we’d see an image of at least one of the buildings at Fort Hoskins, but I’d kind of given up,” he said. “When this painting arrived, it was like a giant breath of fresh air.”

Little is known about the painting itself — the name of the artist, the precise year it was produced, who commissioned it or why — but Brauner said there’s no doubt that it’s authentic.

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Story: Bennett Hall, The Gazette-Times | Photo: AP Photo/The Corvallis Gazette-Times, Scobel Wiggens

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