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Medieval shoes and pottery found at grain mill

Medieval shoes, pottery and timber beams have been found at the site of a grain mill in Ireland.

“There was very little development in this area in the 1300s. It was just fields. We had just been scratching at it for a day or so though and we noticed there was stuff all over the place. Construction work had to be halted.

“So we can see there is the clay floor of a medieval building, five or six big timber beams, bits of medieval pottery and leather shoes. They were in very wet, boggy conditions and are very well preserved.

“It is very early days but it would appear to be a mill. They would probably have been milling grain here. It depends who owned the land but usually anyone who owned an abbey or a large amount of land would build a mill and their tenants would have to mill their grain there, and pay to use the mill.”

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Story: Kitty Holland, The Irish Times | Photo: Cyril Byrne

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